Heads up with 13-15bb

    • santostr
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      Just saw chenny and <3 video.

      A bit confused at what to do on the BU as a standart against unknown and even agaist a reg I never played HU with.

      When you min-raise and BB shoves it realy sucks readless, cause you never know how wide he's doing it.
      On the other hand, some fish (almost) never 3b push, in witch case I rather min-raise than give away free cards.
      Vs regs limping also sucks a bit, cause you can't outplay them alot post flop.

      What are your thoughts?
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    • LgWz
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      Vs unknowns I limp and stab bad hands and raise decent ones and feel what he's up to, if he's going to be aggressive etc.

      Vs regs I tend to raise a bit tighter because they'll usually have a wider shoving range. I mix good and bad hands in my limping range if they start attacking my limps.

      I don't agree you can't outplay them postflop. Many regs are bad and playing more tables than they can handle. You also have position.