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OMG! Poker translations!

    • Ribbo
      Joined: 25.06.2010 Posts: 6,157
      I've been having some fun with google translate, turning English into other languages then back again.

      The phrase I chose was: "I won a large pot with four of a kind, queens"

      Translated into Japanese it came out "私はクイーン、種の4つ大きな鍋を獲得" which translated back as meaning "I am queen, winning a large pot of four species"
      I removed the comma and tried again, and it came back as : "I won a big pot of four types of queen" :f_biggrin:

      Time to try some other languages.... :f_cool:
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    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      Ahahaha! Ribbo getting bored at the office?
    • fembot26
      Joined: 25.08.2010 Posts: 72
      I obtained this using the same method:

      "He called on the turn with a gutshot with insufficient pot-odds, and then spiked on the river to felt me." became
      "He and insufficient pot odds gutshot turn called, and I feel the spikes of a river."

      (Kudos on this idea, by the way - poker lingo seems to be hugely vulnerable to catastrophic mistranslation.)

      It's oddly disappointing that Google seems to have repaired the classic example of failure in early machine-translation, whereby "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" became, via Russian, "The vodka is strong but the meat is rotten." (But for all I know that could be apocryphal anyway.)

      Endless potential for amusement and to laugh at the stupidity of computers! :)
    • joecar
      Joined: 09.04.2008 Posts: 347
      I have the nuts -> finnish -> Olen pähkinät -> I'm nuts
    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952
      I went all-in with pocket kings and lost to a snowman. (pocket 8s)

      english -> japanese -> english

      I had pocket kings and all, went missing a snowman.
    • zamoda
      Joined: 16.03.2009 Posts: 509
      Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty

      English - Vietnamese - English

    • rooperts21
      Joined: 07.10.2009 Posts: 4
      Originally posted by zamoda
      Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty

      English - Vietnamese - English