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    • johndraks
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      I have just passed the quiz and received my 50$ starting capital.

      I had chosen BSS strategy, but reading through the SNG stuff I realized that I like tournaments as well.

      Is it possible to play both and be succesfull or sticking to one strategy is key here!!! would I need to deposit more (to keep 2% for SNG bankroll and 25 buy ins for BSS)

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    • Hadi
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      Hey john, welcome to the community mate!
      Generally, it's advisable to stick to one variant - but of course you shouldn't play something that doesn't suit you. My advice is to read up on the theory of both, try it out and find out what suits you most and then stick to that.

      Of course cashing in makes sense most of the time to have a bigger buffer, but it's still advisable to stick with one variant, especially in the beginning.