[Application] Need stake on Pstars MTT ! take a look!

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      Am citit şi am acceptat regulile de staking. Postând în acest subiect, fiecare membru confirmă cele menţionate mai sus.

      FeEdback Thread => :heart: :heart: :heart: :diamond: Aplicatia de staking:diamond: :heart: :heart: :heart:

      Hy guyss !
      Some words about me....hmm i`m cojonel right here on forum for about 2 and a half years and once with strategy also started to play poker ! Experienced kinda all tips up to nl50 also busted some bankrolls playing up to 8/16$ FLHU :> ( YES I m crazy :> ). Turneys played some with some good results...but sample not that big ...big means 2k+ ... also spent quite some moneys from online poker :) ! the feeling was awesome. and right now i d like to be staked for some mtts ...
      Lets say what i`m interested in ! Better could be to be staked for about at least 50 tournies max buyin beeing 5.5$ on pokerstars ! What i`m interested in playing are guaranties only tournies and also can bring dayly feedback about my road to staker ! deal would be 35/65 (staker favor OFC :) ) and 50/50 Final Table +stake back!
      I`m using holdem manager to track my oponents. Also i`d like to answer any other questions if somebody interested in !

      this are my results till now. i think i missed some but dont really worth finding them. smalls one

      If is some1 interested in contact me via Community and we can make a great deal ...but i think its +ev to make it for some 20+ tournies ....MAX buyn 5.5$( but many of them are 3.3 or 2.2 and quite few 5.5) .
      I can also give you my last handhistory for last 3 weeks dealed in 2 of 2.2$ tournie i played! played for 10 hours .

      Have a nice day guys !
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