SnG Grinding micro to low stakes info

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      Hi everyone,

      I don't have much choice in choosing an affiliated tracked account.. Anyway, I'm still deciding which to choose from: 24h poker (entraction), pokerheaven (ipn), europoker (ongame), unibet & ladbrokes (microgaming)..

      So I was wondering how the traffic is for SnG (normal and/or turbo) from $1 to $10 limits? I'm a 20-24tabler playing mainly on stars (tiled on 2 screens) so I was thinking how much tables I can play at the same time (hopefully at least 6-8) ? (considering software and traffic issues).. and lastly, "the overall rating" of this site if possible :)

      Aside from that, I'd like to have some advice which you would recommend me from the above mentioned sites?

      btw I have one tracked account which is cake poker.. and definitely gave up building my bankroll there due to lack of traffic for sng's ..

      thx in advance..
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