Safest way to build my bankroll?

    • eXtremeACE
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      Am I thinking right when I think of limit holdem cash games?

      I absolutely love no-limit holdem, and have been playing it a lot, but I want to build my bankroll to a lets say 100$ or 150$ .. just so it would be so difficult for me to lose it all, even if I'm on a losing streak for a long time. (i know 25buyin rule).

      So, should I jump in with no-limit (and if so, what strategy - BSS, SSS?)

      or go with limit holdem for some time because of its low variance?

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    • HannesZ
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      Play the game which you like most. :)

      It is way more motivating to learn stuff, which you really like.

      The safest way would be to use a more conservative bank roll management. So move up later and move down earlier in the limits.

      Good luck on the tables,
    • PzKpfw
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      :club: I'd say to play double or nothing where 5 out of 10 playes win $0.80.
    • tcs35
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      put it on red
    • Salivanth
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      The safest way to build a bankroll up from 50 dollars is probably to play cash games. Alternate possibilities are Heads-Up and Single Table (Full ring) Sit'n'gos. Avoid MTT's, they have a very high variance and 50 dollars is a small amount to start on them with. The safest way to build it is to determine which of those three you enjoy the most, then learn how to play it solidly.

      From a purely mechanical perspective, 40c-$2 buy-in cash games are probably the best idea. You want about 20 BI (40 bucks) to be safe there. 1-dollar heads up requires about 40 bucks, too, but cash games are more forgiving than heads-up games.

      Note: My sources come from a combination of this site and Other sources may give slightly different information.

      As for what game you should play and whether you should use BSS or SSS, I cannot help you. Hopefully someone else can. But as a rule of thumb, you should go with what you enjoy most. The more you enjoy it, the harder you'll work at it, and the faster you'll become a winning player.
    • scriptacle
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      I vote for "where you're most comfortable".
      I play 90 man MTTs because I started out with freerolls and I feel my game understanding is best there so I managed to maintain 100%ish ROI on 55c tournaments at Pokerstars.
      I guess the fastest would be SSS on 5/10 or smth. But cash games are swingy for me and I end up threading water, on smaller limits anyway.
      I absolutely hate 1 table SnGs
    • eXtremeACE
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      I have to agree with "where you're most comfortable" as well.
      I've already started playing NL2 cash games, around 700 hands, and I lost a 1.90$ but I know this is really small sample size, so we'll see.

      In the mean time I continue to learn more and more, and I hope I'll be profitable player in the end.
      Thank you all for your opinions.
    • MoreEV
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      safest way is to play freeroll tourney