My first day at fulltilt

    • polatalemdar
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      I played at 4 tables at the same time.Followed the sss strategy but just a little change;i folded at stupid hands when i was in small blind,instead with that money i played hands like A-5 suited.
      Results are:
      I got 10 dollars bonus
      I had a profit of 15 dollars
      Now I have totaly 75 dollars
      And collected 171 ftp points
      Thanks poker strategy
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    • thunderbird56
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      Hi polatalemdar,

      Nice to hear that you're in profit. However, it seems that you didn't stick to SSS and the rules of BRM. I strongly recommend that you should have understood our strategy articles. Otherwise you're risking your bankroll and can go broke soon. Please keep in mind that luck cannot last forever. ;)

      Good luck at the tables!
    • helemaalnicks
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      congratulations on your first step!

      but a small remark/tip:

      plz don't play A5, you don't get odds for that, look at his stats:

      Chance of getting a Straight Flush on the flop: 0.005%
      Chance of getting 4-of-a-kind on the flop: 0.010%
      Chance of getting a Full House on the flop: 0.092%
      Chance of getting a Flush on the flop: 0.837%
      Chance of getting a Straight on the flop: 0.321%
      Chance of getting 3-of-a-kind on the flop: 1.571%
      Chance of getting 2 Pair on the flop: 4.041%

      So only 7.5% for any monster, which you need, because hitting 1 pair is often not good enough with A5s
    • stantos
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      Trust these guys they know what their talking about. Deviate from sss and you won't win in the long run. Yes it's boring sometimes and yes you'll think "this guys at it" and wanna call but stick to it. I know from experiance that it works.
    • polatalemdar
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      thank you very much for your help.In fact i was having a question mark with that.You r right.I was a bit lucky maybe.So i am gonna stick to the rules deeply