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    • whitebuffalo
      Joined: 16.02.2011 Posts: 14
      Well I started to play today , I played mostly omaha pl except 1 MTT which was turbo rush NL holdem.

      I played rush , which is fun, and I was able to see more hands , and I find out the lvl in the rush tables are lower then the tables.
      in both of the places I made profits.

      max bankroll I reached : 106

      correct bankroll :

      me in action, bluffing on the river and taking the pot :

      the MTT's I made , ( I played bad the MTT's was tired, had no patient at all)

      I made some bad moves, I made some good moves, I played the MTT's , I was decent at the tables and at the rush tables, this is my first session.
      took about 6 hours.
    • beefpuff
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      What limits are you playing? NL10? Bad idea with your bankroll size..
    • SneakyhanD
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      Hello there !

      Wow, are you really willing to risk your bankroll like that ?
      2x3$ MTT's are way beyond your limit.

      If you are confident about your game you can lower your limit to at least nl5, although nl2 recommended, and grind your way to Nl10 so you will be in a safe zone and almost risk free from going busto. I know Rush Poker can be tempting, but it can be very swingy as well, therefore very high risk for your roll.

      Good luck, Be Well.