Limit blogs, stuff and some existential questions ?

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      Hi everyone

      I've been looking for a while now for some limit holdem blogs, but there are a lot of threads here which don't post the type of the game in the title and also on google, if I search `limit blogs` for example, of course it will throw at me a gzillion pages of `no limit stuff`.

      Anyway, I started lots of types of games with the starting capital from Pokerstrategy: from no limit sss :f_mad: , bss :f_confused: (NL2, NL5) with not that great of a success. I also had a `SNG period`, but although I really like them, I'm not the kind who gets along with high variance. Even tried Rush PL Omaha, the smallest stake a FT (Huge mistake).

      However, there is a good part to all this too: I read The Poker Mindset and I understand somehow the importance of playing for the long term. Also I tend to be a little more calculated than a risk taker so I started thinking of limit holdem. I tried it for a while at Fulltilt 0.5/0.10 and shots (bad idea) at 0.10/0.20. I really think that this can work for me, I just need to work on discipline, goals, motivation, long term orientation and of course game skill.

      For the motivation part, I would like to see some limit blogs, stories, just to know what can be done :) Any insight, info, reading materials, etc will be much appreciated.

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