Stats help :)

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      Hi guys

      I was just wondering whether my stats are ok or not and where i should be improving.

      I play $0.02/$0.05 no limit holdem. I have only been playing for a month or so and therefore the amount of hands i have played is low and the sample is probably not large enough for that much.

      Any comments would be great :)

      Hands played 1277

      Hands won 10%
      Showdowns won 70%
      Flops seen 15%
      Win% if flop seen 55%

      Fold 54%
      Check 22%
      Call 12%
      Bet 9%
      Raise 3%
      Re-Raise 0% (Think this is where i need to increase)

      When you fold:
      Pre flop 73%
      Flop 10%
      Turn 4%
      River 2%
      No Fold 12%
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