Am I stuck?

    • igor408
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      Hi guys, firist of all i'm not a native english speaker, so please be patience with me if you see some bizarre mistakes.

      I've been playing my starting capital for about a week or so on fixed limit and i'm feeling kind stuck. I won some money but it seemes that it will take ages before i can move up a limit.

      Any advice?

      thanks in advance.
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    • Alleen86
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      Hi igor408!

      I think that just a week is generally too short time to encrease your bankroll for moving up a limit. I have started playing poker 8 months ago (NL2) and I am still at NL10 (soon NL25).

      If you are winning at the current limit, be paitent, read articles, watch videos.. At one point, you will surely be able to move up a limit.

      I wish you best of luck! :f_cool:
    • Zhusy
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      go to the nearest casino and put all on black, or if you wanna gamble for more put on 13,15,17,20,34!