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      Ok, iv been playing poker 4 about a year. Some sucsses at ft, had 2500 at a point, but went down to zero very fast. Been a member of PS about 5 weeks now. First 4 iv realy playd SSS and did get a BR to 100 $ at a point bout went down 2 10 or something like that.

      Now i have depositet 50 $ myselg, and have went from 50$ to 250$ in one week. Hope i can manage to keep the same progres every week.

      First month i did realy stick to the SSS, until i did get bored by it, and startet SNG and stuff likr that.

      Hope I did learn something, now im strictly playinh SSS according to the BRM

      Hope im going to post some og my goals etc for the next year in the next post

      Merry Christmas!
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