this hand is really getting me frustrated, need opinions...

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      Ok I was playing a live cash game in my local casino, it was about 9 in the morning and I had been playing all night and the table had gone from short handed to full ring when there was only 9 players left in the casino and then down to 5 handed in about 3 orbits when this hand went down...

      the opponent had about 1500euro I had about 500 and the other 3 where pretty deep too.

      it was pot limit holdem 1/2 euro blinds

      I have 3 :spade: 3 :heart:

      Utg folds, Mp calls 2.00, Button calls 2.00, Sb raises 10.00, BB(hero) calls 10.00, Mp and button both call raise

      Pot 40.00euro

      Flop: 2 :spade: 3 :diamond: 4 :club:

      Sb bets 25, I call, Utg calls, Mp folds

      pot: 115euro

      Turn: A :heart:

      Sb checks, I bet 45, utg calls, Sb check raises to 150...
      I tank it and call, utg folds

      Pot : 460

      River: 8 :diamond:

      SB leads out very quickly for 460 and i take about 3 to 4 minutes and weighing up his hand range even putting him on 5's or even aces or even pocket 4's, make a bad call when he shows pocket 5's...

      now i know it was a bad call on the river and i was so so so so close to folding but i felt priced in, plus after such a long session i wasn't as sharp as i should be, playing since 1 that morning... plus his stack size and his agression makes it look so suspicious, could of been easily representing if he puts me on any other hand than 5s or 56...

      Basically what i need help with is i feel this hand should of went differently and what would be the right play.

      1: should i have re raised pre flop?

      2: raised on the flop when i hit my set?

      3: checked back the turn to limit pot size?

      1: i'm thinking no because with any pair he's calling short handed to set mine with his stack size.

      2: i'm thinking maybe because on that flop he's not going anywhere and i'm going to be re raised all in then and there and i'd just be unlucky that the ace would come...

      3: in hind sight yes because i know his hand now, but with a set i really think im ahead, plus with outs for full house why would i limit pot size. didn't think he's on 5's after c betting flop and checking the turn into me i thought i was ahead. but when he check raises me he easily could be on ace king or Ace queen or evn two pair. I was Thinkin why would he check raise a multi way pot with the nuts on the turn whn i'm showing strength and also the other player calling.

      I hope this is clear to all reading and thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give
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