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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hello , my name is Vali , im from Romania and i`m 25 years old. I play poker over 2 years now and i`m a member at PS from 2009.
      I play MTT with stakes between 2$ > 11 $ ; Platform : Pokerstars ; Nickname : ValyPCH

      :diamond: I`m not working at the time so i have a lot of time to play ,study and increase my knowledge on the game.
      :diamond: People here are used to middle-stake mtt staking but as you can all see on my stats i didn`t played many middle-stake mtt`s.
      :diamond: i would like to make a deal with someone who started playing low stakes mtt and had good results .
      :diamond: from this deal i dont want to get rich or something :) .. all i want is to improve my game and have the opportunity to increase the number of mtt`s played by day.

      This is the Romanian Community staking application and this is Feedback

      So as you all can see i`m not an unknown in terms of staking who comes and begs for money.

      :diamond: The deal consists of a set of tournaments that i`ll play every day with buy-in from 3 to 11 $ . Currently i can`t afford partial staking , so :

      :diamond: Full staking deal : 7 days / at least 10 mtts per day / buyin 3>11$
      :diamond: 70 /30 + full staking back for any ITM , 60/40 Final Table (the numbers are negotiable )

      :diamond: Links - ValyPCH - TOPSHARK - MTT GRAPH TOPSHARK , OPR -ValyPCH
      :diamond: at demand i can provide HandHistory of mtts i played just to make an opinion about the level of my play .

      :diamond: who is interested to collaborate with me or has questions about this deal feel free to ask me or add me in the community.
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    • ValyPCH
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      no interest ?
    • cojonel
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      was stacked on romanian comunity and its a trustable guy.
      Decent player!
    • ValyPCH
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      It's been a while since I checked the application. So i come with an update :

      :diamond: The tournaments i want to play are :

      :club: 2.20$ 7.5k(G)-turbo/ starting time 17:30
      :club: 2.20$ 12k(G)-turbo/ starting time 19:45
      :club: 2.20$ 8k(G)/ starting time 22:15

      :club: 3.30$ 10k(G)/ starting time 18:00
      :club: 3.30$ 5k(G) /starting time 21:00

      :club: 4.40$ 10k(G)/ turbo starting time 20:30

      :club: 5.50$ 20k(G)/ starting time 19:00

      The Total amount of $ is : 23,10$

      If anyone is interested I am willing to play only part of the above tournaments, just to create an idea of ​​my style of play, and according to the results we can begin a medium or long-term collaboration in which both sides are profitable.
      For details on contacting me, add me in the community and I will send skype id or YM id.

      N: starting time is set to EET - eastern european time