kinda stuck

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      Hello , ive been playing poker for a year about now. At the beggining I only played some freerolls and just had a little fun.
      Half a year back I started to play with real money. I lost my deposit in 2-3 days and I started to read articles and it kinda helped, but I still kept loosing money( but slower).
      Ofcourse I made some deposits again and I also made some withdraws,but it was still -EV in the end.
      So now I`m thinking of depositing again,but now I want to really get into poker and make my game better. But the problem is that I don`t know where to start. I don`t really learn from pokerstrategy articles(maybe becouse my play is bad from other aspect of the game which isn`t really included in those articles) and forum is full of threads which is very confusing becouse I don`t know which one to read first.
      Maybe you guys can point out the really important things thats really important for poker or you can give me really good threads or just a good idea what to do.
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