how long stay at a table

    • polatalemdar
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      Sometimes u have to stay at a table more than 50 hands because u r still under 2.50.Than when you raise after almost folding 40 hands opponents do not call.They think " ooh probably he has a monster".So its not written in the sss.But do u think go out of a table if u dont win for 50 hands or what??
      Whats your opinion?
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    • swissmoumout
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      at microlimits people won't usually notice if someone is playing no hands at all, your raises won't be any more respected than as long as you're not on tilt, and you're at a profitable table, stay there and wait for good cards ^^
    • finchybg
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      I agree with the last post, at Mansion for example they don't give any credit at all to my raises, even if I had folded for like 15 hands before.
      There were even cases that after a raise of 4 times BB + 3 limpers(1 dollar at 0.05/0.10) I get 4-5 callers(obviously they think that if they had limped, nothing can make them fold without seeing the flop :) ) which makes my monster quite vulnerable. But when my hand holds up, it's very rewarding :)