Monster draws at Rush NL25 FR

    • miakes
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      Hey I've just moved from regular SH games to RUSH FR and I'm wondering to do wit monster draws at FR against 10/7/1.0 guy. Everytime I ship my FD+overs,OESD,etc. I get /called with a set. I know that big part of that draws is fold equity but in that cases there isn't any,or it's just because of that it's NL25?My non-sd started to go down suddenly.. I've dedicated my last 2months studying non-sd winnings at SH and now I just have no idea how to use that at FR :D

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    • SvenBe
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      he aracelih,

      I moved your thread to our Poker-discussion forum!
      @all - please feel free to discuss it. I have the experience at NL25 (but sh) that after a raise definitively not a lot of spewy hands and draws are continued.