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    • jawain04
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      I play reguarly online and do ok - breaking even towards profit. However, when it comes to my monthly home game - i am consistently losing.

      There are 7 of us, buy in £5, blinds 5p/10p. The other 6 only ever play the home games and are quite loose and aggressive.

      I feel that the game is more luck than normal, everyone playing most hands towards showdown even if i bet aggressively and then one of the 6 will turn over the nuts or trips etc.

      Any help as to improving would be great.
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    • Hajler
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      Generally speaking you want to be playing the opposite of the rest of the table - In tight games you play looser, and in loose games you play tighter.

      Against your home game friends, who it is probably safe to assume are live donks, I would just stick to super basic ABC poker. Avoid bluffing and just value bet your strong hands and let them pay you off. Sometimes you will get sucked out on but thats poker. :D

      Good luck in your game.
    • pzhon
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      It's not correct that the optimal adjustment is opposite to the table. If ATo is normally a marginal hand from some position, and you add a loose opponent who plays T5s and chases gutshots, ATo should become clearly profitable. Do not tighten up in fear of your loose opponents' trash. Those trash hands are bad gambles which usually make your marginal hands more profitable.

      If you are used to exploiting one type of player, facing different players may make you uncomfortable. Some of your "standard" plays are probably not solid poker. They probably leave you vulnerable to being exploited by other types of players. As long as you make the proper adjustments, you should find these loose live games very profitable.

      When your opponents are loose, you can loosen up slightly. When your opponents call too much, you can value bet more often, but don't semibluff as much. When more pots are multiway, marginal made hands are less valuable, but both big made hands and big draws become more valuable.

      There are additional skills which are used in live play. It is likely that you have some tells, and so do your opponents. Think about whether your home game opponents might have picked up on some tells. However, most players are not observant, and playing the core game well is still very important.

      Since you don't get many hands per hour, luck will determine whether you are ahead or behind for much longer than if you were multitabling online. Don't have unrealistic expectations that your skill advantage has to show through in the course of an evening. Accept that you can be card-dead for several evenings in a row.
    • jawain04
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      Thanks for both the replies :)

      i will use the advice and hopefully i will get some luck.

      i realise that home games are more about patience than when playing online and that some of the nights i am playing over an hour and the best hand i get dealt is JTo. Its just a bit infuriating :(