whats up with the customer support?

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      hi guys.

      so this the story (aint to long) -

      i've passed the quiz and got a mail than i need to send my id.did that.

      been over 4 days sense than.opend a ticket @ customer support,and thye answerd "all is ok your id has been tranfared to the right dep" (somth like that)

      so i answerd that i opend that ticket coz it was over 48 hours and i asked if it will take longer.from than...nothing :) (like one or to days ago)

      the cust support ppl are very nice and answer slow&without considering the whole issue.
      too bad its not answering the actaull q that are being asekd.

      any how good week to us all :) and hope i will be only posting complament's from now on...

      will update when updated :)
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    • Jovanabg
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      Well its weekend, thats probably your answer ;)
    • isrhillel
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      Originally posted by Jovanabg
      Well its weekend, thats probably your answer ;)

      i'm not in any way complaining about the 50$.as i know they do not owe ME any thing.

      but as to the customer service issues.
      PS owes it to itself!

      i do complain about customer support answering that it will take 48 hours @ most.when i've actaully been waiting more.(i'm sure its easy to see that by there side...just didnt look it up :) )

      no such thing should happen in the customer support biz.and if it does accure (we are humens.)they should reply with a quik matter

      nothin from customer support side.

      any how all in good spirit.

      *as i once was a part i customer support of a huge company (5000+) and was a shiftmanger overseeing 1000+ emplyees + 50 team mangers,i would love to offer my help on taking your support service to the next level with a few,very simple ideas.

      i do hope my englush is readable :)

      HAVE GREAT WEEK @ life :) and GL on the tables.