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NL10 FR question

    • valancius
      Joined: 10.03.2009 Posts: 65
      Today at poker table NL10 FR I meet player who had stats like LAG player (HEM auto rated him: eagle). So his stats was like around 20/18/2+ high steal like ~60% and resteal 3bet ~20% from sb/bb also 5-10 3bet % (after 200-300+ hands). I self play and learning at this moment more like TAG style and ofcourse i have lower VP$IP/PFR stats, although my 3bet/steal is about same.

      My question would be: optimum play in blind stealing situations against these type of players when i have position on them. How should i adjust my game to them?

      My thoughts about theses situations(i'm in position):
      1. I start to 4bet light in blind stealing situations, this may lead to tricky spots when he goes for 5bets and these moves may increase my variance.
      2. I start to call his 3bets light (which hands have more value in this scenario?)
      This looks really nice considering that i have position on him and he will get in tricky situations also.
      3. I start to steal tighter, of course this will lower my steal % and i will miss my chance to add blinds to my stack and if opponents is observing/using software he will understand very fast that my range become tight and won't pay me off (doesn't look very good scenario).
      4. I start stealing with smaller bets and mix light calls and light 4bets.

      Would be grateful for any suggestions/comments/opinions/pointers.
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    • Hajler
      Joined: 21.10.2008 Posts: 270
      If he is 3-betting a ton there is going to be lots of crap in his range, so you can definitely call some hands in position and make him have to face tough decisions post flop. If he is an agro-monkey and is going broke light as well, you can also increase your value 4-bet range to include more hands.

      As you said though playing against such opponents will increase your variance for sure. Since you make a lot of money stealing blinds from tight players and you are pretty much forced to tighten up in this situation, I would personally just leave the table with a guy like this to my left unless I had a very good reason not to(like there being a big fish to my right or something).