woo :)

    • jawain04
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      Hdad been really low for about a week - losing consistently in cash games (admitedly only micro stakes but everyone has to start somewhere)

      Decided to play a sit n go (DON) placed and have since played 6 more sit n go's and have placed in them all :)

      Maybe i should stick to SNG's instead of cash
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      [ ] good sample size. (god this joke is getting old now)

      really.. 6 sngs anything can happen. it really says nothing at all exept that you probably were more lucky then you should have been.
    • aielex
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      If you read all the articles here and watch few videos, train in ICM trainer.
      Then you will rake constant profit from SNGs
      but beware cause they can be swingy and you cant let that affect your game, and thats harder then you think :s_mad: