I'm taking a break!!

    • CoachB
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      I'm taking a break to work on my game!

      I play tight like a NIT, I get blinded out.

      I play tight aggressive and get spat out by variance (plus some leaks that sneak in).

      These are my Mantras.

      - When shoving using ICM expect to run into AA!
      - When slow playing a set of 5's expect to see runner runner kings and lose to a bigger F/H.
      - Remember it is possible for one player to get 3 flushes and trips in 8 hands! (Note a flush beats a broadway straight, both times!),
      - When you have AAA and the turn and river are 7,7 you should fold!Remember everyone calls all in after the flop with 7,7 with 3 overcards on the Board!
      - Note to self, 5xBB's is not enough to push J2o out of the hand. Expect them to flop 2 pairs!
      - When you call all in with JJ on a 7,7,8 board v 99 just get up and walk away it's less painful than seeing the 6,T you know are coming,
      - Bye the way AQ with a board of Q44 is a folding hand against any bet.
      (And how many times do I have to remember to fold Ace Rag suited on the button!).
      - The Algorithims used by on line poker sites produce random cards.
      say again The Algorithims used by on line poker sites produce random cards,
      - Just because everyone folds when you have AA in the BB doesn't mean anyone can see you cards!

      See you when I get back

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    • pzhon
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      It does sound like you should take a break since it appears that you are concentrating on the wrong things.

      When you get coolered, instead of saying, "Why does this always happen to me?" or looking for a ridiculous fold of a strong hand that would have saved you some money this time, you should focus on strategy. Ask whether you would have extracted the maximum if your opponent had a weaker hand. Ask what would have happened against that opponent on different flops. Ask whether your opponent's play was correct against your range.
    • winzsavana
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      winning cames from correct decision even many times we lost we monster hands. the buy in u play with, ur opponents skill will affect to ur decision. i play on sit n go 10+1 45 ppl on full tilt almost everyday, so i know what kind of players they are..find their leak, and get their moneys....doing very good so far.
    • CoachB
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      You are both correct to focus on range and making the right decision. And that is what I am trying to do.

      In all on the above hands I got my chips in while I was ahead, but "Variance" is a bit one sided at the moment. Particularly on big hands.

      Today in three hands against one player, I got my chips in ahead and went from chip leader to out. eg Hero with AJs (clubs) reads weakness pre-flop pushes and gets called with 72s (spades). Hero hits J on the flop, 2 spades come out...spade on the river all over!

      Against same player I go all in with top 2 pair after sensing weakness, get called with top pair and a flush draw, the last card out gives me a broadway straight and a runner, runner flush to V.

      Two hands earlier i bet 5x the BB preflop with AQ on the btn and Q44 comes out I get called and eventually beaten by 43o from middle position???

      Variance has not been my friend.