Anonymous tables strategy, tips and tricks

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      Microgaming players have probably noticed that the Anonymous tables are growing in popularity. (I'm talking about Microgaming, however it might interest players from other rooms as well, since Anonymous tables might be adapted by other networks in the future, if this model proves to be successful at Micragaming). In fact, nowadays, more than half of the tables are Anonymous. These tables attract most of the fish, leaving regular tables dry.

      That's bad news for players who play many tables and rely heavily on HUD stats.

      I avoided Anonymous tables for some time, but regular tables tighten up every day. So I've decided to take on an adventurous journey to the Anonymous realm, to find the fish (and maybe happiness too).

      Hence I thought maybe some of the members here are interested in discussing the peculiarities of anonymous play... How many tables can you play while staying profitable? How do you play against people who just sat down? How do you keep track of opponents playing style etc?

      My two cents: when I sit down I keep a close look at the table for few orbits. I use notes to tag:

      1. Fish - that is, mr limpalots and callalots
      2. Very aggressive players who play many hands and like to bet and raise (donks or solid LAGs)
      3. Tight players, TAGs and Nits

      When I'm in doubt in some point of time, I've found the stack size tell useful as well. People who don't use automatic rebuy, aren't usually solid.

      I'd welcome any further ideas how to increase profitability while playing more than two tables.

      Maybe it even deserves a strategy article, because this format is increasing in popularity and I wouldn't be surprised if some other networks would add a similar feature in their software soon.
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