Unbelieveable run

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      5 straight HU on Full Tilt (4of them with a same guy):

      1. HU: I got TPTK (AT) on flop against, softly said, moron, he calls all in with T7 and catches 7 on turn.

      2. HU: I got AA, raised him alot pf, he calls, flop comes low cards, as I said he is a moron so he goes all in with 56 (middle pair of 5) I call and runner runner straight comes for him :)

      3. HU: Still the same guy, both of us floped top pairs of Q's ,but of course i had much stronger kicker (my K vs his 3) ..guess what..turn and river turn runner runner flush for him.

      4. HU: Still the same guy, this time he exceeded himself, with AQ i floped TPTK, I raised for like 3/4 of pot because of 2diamonds, he calls. Turn comes blank and he goes all in, now after all calls I got from him in last 3 games of course i called.
      He shows 33, I was like 'finally, what a idiot', but guess what, river opens 3!!!

      5. HU: One fish goes offline and onother comes, this time i had three of kind on turn and of course we went all in, he had gutshot straight draw, and guess what...straight came for him...

      Full Tilt should have a commercial like :'Play on Full Tilt and tilt your full bankroll.'
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