I know I'm beat - but I have to see it

    • YinYangS
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      • A A was dealt to you, your position, Big Blind.
      • Button raised. You 3 - bet. Button called.
      • Flopped 9 T J.
      • You raised. Button moved all-in!
      • You know that the player is a tight one, and the flop looks nasty.
      • So what would you do?

      I know most would say, easy call. But experienced players will consider that he has probably flopped a set. trips, two pairs, or straight? Whatever it is, you know that your beat already.

      Yet, we have this feeling, "I know I'm beat but I have to call because I HAVE TO SEE HIS CARDS. If I fold, and he doesn't shows his cards, it would leave me hanging to death wondering what he has!"

      Do you recognize that feeling? Can you relate to it?

      As humans, we always have this urge to confirm that we were right even though confirming it is a mistake.

      In this situation, yes, call, the player showed a set, you busted out of the tourney..... satisfied?

      I believe this is a dilemma to most players and I admit this a dilemma for me also. Especially when you are against a donk player and you want to confirm that he donked a set again even though it would bust your chips out.

      As poker players, making the right decision always will make us winning players. And if you are a winning player, you are profiting, and you will have money. Emotions and pride will affect our play. We have to overcome these as we play. And I believe this is one of the challenges towards becoming a pro.

      I wrote this thread as a reminder for me to keep my emotions and pride intact. To make the right decisions always. And to win.

      Good luck guys! Chow! ^_^
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    • scscpoker
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      Problem is when we are not sure about our opponent - we think that he might be some mega-fish doing "bluff", also he might be "valuebetting" his TPTK. Not every situation is so easy so we can be 100% sure he is tight player postflop and commits his stack only w/ absolute nuts.

      But ofc, making "good folds" is thing that every poker player needs to learn to become "Winning player".
    • Kodark
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      Tell yourself he called you preflop with KQ and be done with the question.
    • Hahaownedlolz
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      I play husngs.. so i come across these situations ALOT. it's beyond sick.. players rivering 2 outers.. and im just stunned.. im like what.. i know this player isn't doing that with any hand i beat.. but it's so hard to believe they got so insanely lucky.. this hand is a good example of that..

      I've learned to fold now though.. most fish play pretty predictable in hu.. it's very disgusting to fold good hands.. because you never know if you were truly right even when you have a good read.. this guy had 33.. I put him on trip kings on the river.. but i knew there isn't any hand he's doing that with that i can beat with AA.

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      2 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by weaktight.com

      Hero (1,270)
      BB (1,730)

      Blinds: 10/20

      Pre-Flop: (30, 2 players) Hero is SB A:diamond: A:club:
      Hero raises to 60, BB calls 40

      Flop: K:heart: 7:club: K:club: (120, 2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets 60, BB calls 60

      Turn: 2:diamond: (240, 2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets 180, BB calls 180

      River: 3:heart: (600, 2 players)
      BB goes all-in 1,430, Hero folds

      Final Pot: 2,030

      BB wins 2,030 (net +300)

      Hero lost 300
    • nathanrenard
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      I wouldn't say easy call tbh.