[NL2-NL10] NL10 6max Rush, AK turned tptk

    • Bliausmas
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      Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (6 handed) - Full Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

      Button ($5.92)
      Hero (SB) ($18.59)
      BB ($8)
      UTG ($7.38)
      MP ($12.68)
      CO ($8.53)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A, K
      2 folds, CO bets $0.30, 1 fold, Hero raises to $1, BB calls $0.90, CO calls $0.70

      Flop: ($3) 8, 7, J (3 players)
      Hero checks, BB checks, CO checks

      Turn: ($3) K (3 players)
      Hero checks, BB bets $0.55, CO raises to $1.50, Hero calls $1.50, 1 fold

      River: ($6.55) Q (2 players)
      Hero checks, CO checks

      I'm not sure if I should call turn raise? The original bet looks weak but the raise looks pretty strong. Moreover, we are oop. What do we do here?
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    • veriz
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      Hello Bliausmas,

      That's kinda close for the given odds but I guess I'd just fold it since he is doing that into multiway pot and as far I see only reasonable hand what we beat is like KQ/KT(on turn), I don't expect him to bluff there that often. And as you mentioned we are OOP and might face a big bet on river. But if you plan like to Call it on only turn and then likely giving up on big river bet then it should be somewhat doable.

      And even if he wanted to bluff then why didn't he just bet the turn?

      Best regards.
    • Bliausmas
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      Well he made a raise on the turn as his first action, that was me who checked first :) But anyways the situation was really awkward of being oop. I was planning to fold to big river bet, but he checked back and showed AK also (luckily one of the few hands that doesn't beat our AK after his raise on the turn, as you noticed).