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How to deal with giant downswing

    • eduard879
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 3
      How to deal with giant downswing
      I usually have no trouble dealing with downswings. Even as a beginner, I understood how variance was a part of the game and it never really bothered me.

      Recently, though, I've gone on such a downswing that it is really starting to affect me. I had just moved up to 10nl and things were going great when I got hit with a downswing sicker than anything I could even fathom before. Cooler, cooler, suckout, cooler, bad beat, cooler, cooler, card dead, cooler, suck out, card dead, card dead, bad beat, cooler, bad beat, suckout, cooler, cooler. Can't hit a draw to save my life. A in the flop every single time I have KK. We all know the story. I quickly lost all of the incremental progress I had made at 10nl, hit the red, and dropped back to 5nl. The variance did not stop. Cooler, cooler, suck out, cooler, card dead. Since then, over about 40k subsequent hands, I've dropped almost 20 BI at nl5, a limit that I CRUSHED for over 150k hands prior.
      scratch cards

      I can see it clearly affecting my game now. I've tried everything I know how to do to deal with downswings; first I tried to out-volume it, like I did with every other downswing up till now. That made it worse. Then I took a couple weeks off. The variance was waiting for me when I got back as I was quickly and brutally reminded of why I took a break. I reassure myself that it'll come back. It isn't.

      What are some other ways that I can get back to playing my A game under the weight of this collossal swing?
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    • Kodark
      Joined: 24.02.2011 Posts: 249
      Only thing i can suggest is to take a break from playing and try some more learning. You might not think "learning" is going to help your downswing, but it cant do anything but improve your game.
    • shehanshah
      Joined: 02.12.2010 Posts: 385
      Recently, i too had a huge downswing of like 800$.(I play 600$ worth of 4.4$ tourneys and i wont lie i tilted n tried some 25$+ tourneys costing another 200$). However, i have made half of that back in just two days, so mate, take my advice and do not worry about variance, just keep playing your 'A' game.

      I lost with aa, kk qq and 4% range hands consistently in FT 4.4$ rush sng to those idiotic morons and trust me i was so frustrated that i would hit them :f_biggrin: if i was near them, but then i read some articles on PS under the psychology and didactics section and it really helped me a lot(And came to know that downswing, variance, donks(customers) are a part of this game and always keeping a proffessional attitude towards poker is the key).

      Hope this helps you and i think you r a sensible player coz u downgraded to lower tables when u were running bad. So believe in yourself n keep grinding :s_cool: