[ICM Trainer Light] Trick to show all cards

    • Senseyy
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      Hello everyone,

      Basically i've found a "trick" that helped me and some people from the german forums to get the cards back. Im NOT using an old version of Flash and im running Windows 7 x64.

      The trick:
      When you start up your program you will see a picture in the center of your screen. Right-Click this Window so some options show up. After waiting several seconds you Left-Click onto your Desktop a single time. When you did this you will (hopefully) be able to see all cards again. (Hint: The content on the right side is only viewable by marking it).

      Here is a Youtube video that i've made to show and prove this trick if you dont understand what i mean:

      Notice: This is NOT a solution, its only a trick to bypass the Flash Player 10 problem until a new version of ICM will be released from PokerStrategy :)

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