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The perfect sit n go wins nothing

    • Donmecon
      Joined: 21.05.2010 Posts: 40
      Just wondered if anyone else has had the same experience.

      Played in an 18 player sit n go and from the outset I played every hand to perfection. I raised when I should of, folded at the right time, extracted the max from opponents when I could and won 34 hands with sheer beauty. The only thing was that at no time did I double up so my chip count went up slowly.

      The blinds had risen to 400-200 and I had just over 3,000 chips. With 7 players left, 5 players all folded to me, I was in the small blind and held A3 off suit. The big blind had 1,900 chips. For me a simple all in, if they had a Ace with a better kicker so be it or a pair then I would be just unlucky. They called with 65 suited which Im not knocking in the circumstances, they had 400 invested, knew they would probably have two live cards so calling was ok. I lost being favourite and thats all you can ask. That was that - down to about a 1000 chips was dealt rubbish the next 6 hands so had to go all in when the blinds came back around of which I was dealt 37 suited and lost as one would expect.

      The moral is playing excellent poker in the long term will win you money but you can play perfect poker and still win nothing in a one off tourney.
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