MSS FOR $1/$2 NL Hold Em

    • jimmyjames57
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      Hey everyone. Just read the MSS Basic articles and was impressed. I like the idea of the strategy and wanted to open a thread that talks about $1/$2 MSS.

      1) Bankroll- $4000 (40 Buy-ins). 40 OR 50 Buy-ins?

      2) Never buy-in for more than 50 Big Blinds ($100).

      3) Leave the table if stack falls below $80 (-$20) or if stack increases $120 (+$20). Should the loss/win ripcord be higher? or lower? ex.($25-$30).

      4) If you play live $1/$2 NL Hold em, would you implement this strategy? or, would you prefer to play it safe and buy-in for 100 Big Blinds ($200). Also, would it be profitable for a good NL cash player to play live $1/$2 NL Hold em and play according to the strategy listed above?

      Please feel free to leave your opinions on this matter. All the points of view will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    • pzhon
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      1) You really shouldn't be thinking of a bankroll before you establish that you are a winning player. Until then, you have a budget. If your win rate is cut in half, the bankroll you need for the same level of safety doubles.

      2) I believe the recommendation was 40 big blinds. Others like buying in for 65 big blinds. These result in slightly different situations.

      3) If you are comfortable playing at different stack depths, you do not need to leave the table after such small changes. However, the strategy articles do not cover every stack depth, and if you do not adapt to the stack depth properly you might cut your win rate or lose instead of win.

      4) Live games are very different. In many live games the maximum buy-in is lower than 100 BB. Also, many players are bored and will call very large raises with weak hands. You should make large bets for value.