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polat alemdar's poker diary

    • polatalemdar
      Joined: 21.12.2007 Posts: 26
      Hello everyone
      After 5 days at Fultilt my br increased to 147.70 from 100.Collected 1660 ftp points that means aditional 50 bucks rakeback and only a few hands needed to get fultitlt sunglasses with my ftps.
      %90 i sticked to sss.What i did different are;in early positions i just called with my a-j 0r a-q or 6-6s but if there was a raise i folded.
      Than i folded on smallblinds with 5-6 or that kinda stupid hands,instead i played k-j or a-10s.
      Up to now it worked.
      About tilting i recommend u behave like phil hellmuth for 40 seconds .It really works and u r calmer than:) ))
      I feel like the money is raining just sit down the tables and collect them.I raise that means i have a hand stupid!!He calls than after the flop he calls my all in and he shows 5-6 to my j-js:) ))Or there are idiots calling my allin overpairs with bottom pairs.
      I need only 2 dollars for the upper limit.I dont think the will change.For me it doesnt mean good players at upper limits.Its about wealth.A rich man who doesnt know poker dont enjoy playing at microtables.
      I was knowing poker for 15 years but i was scared of poker because u could lost your all money in one hand.I startted to playing online 3 months ago.I was a loser.Okey i knew some tactics,slowplaying,bluffing etc.But when u look at the total i was losing money.Than i started to play only freerolls.But that was boring a bit later.Than i met to pokerstrategy and sss.It was very close to my thoughts .Every bad player thimks k-5 or a-4 are good hands.At first i was one of them but when i played lots of hands heey there is 3 more aces and they were hving good kickers.So i sticked to the strategy.I may say i started to learn poker.At for now i dont think about bss.SSS is very good for me.
      My aim is to have a salary from the poker site.1000 dollar per month withdrawal wouldnt be bad.
      Sometimes i forget about hellmuth and start tilting playing stupidly,lose concentration but i becamo aware of it in 2 minutes and tun off the computer take a rest and than come back.
      Finalword is they are giving us free 50s.These are the games of gamble trosts.Aim is to have more gamble addicteds.They know most us will going to tilt or get bored of discipline and finish our money than start to deposit them.But if we stck to the rules ,maan its impossible to lose with sss.Your only enemy is yourself,your greed.
      I hope most of us gonna succeed.
      Thanks pokerstrategy,puschkin and thunderbird
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    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      Hi polatalemdar!

      It is not our goal that you go on tilt, gamble away your starting capital and deposit. We only get the more money from the poker rooms the more and the higher you play, which means we are interested in making you good players. Typical gamblers are not our target group as you can read here:

      Concerning your play: Please stick 100% to the SSS and not 90% Don't call in early position with hands like AJ or AQ or 66. The SSS doesn't work if you play like this. Post some of your hands in our sample hand boards and get some advice from experienced players and our hand judges.

      Good luck at the tables!