Hey everyone.

My partner and I had our 1st baby at the end of last year. in the 2/3 weeks following his birth I lost half my bankroll, before dropping limits X(

Now I hardly play at all which is fine (- baby keeps me busy =) ) as my partner gets annoyed, and I also find it difficult to spend much time on the forums / hand evaluations etc.

I'm not having a moan here at all, I am quite happy to tear myself away from the computer to change nappies!

The reason I'm writing is to find out how others manage their poker time, without upsetting thier other-halves / family.

Do people have playing / studying schedules? Do any of you famale players have similar issues with husbands / boyfriends - or do they play too?

If you're earning several k from poker, i'm sure your partner has no probs, but what if a $10 winning session is a good session, for you? What do they think then?

Right now I play a couple of hours between 10pm and 2pm, and have regained my bankroll, but find I use any free time to play, and use less time to post in forums and keep learning because that would mean even less playing time.

What do you guys do?