FTP closed my account!

    • drachdudek
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      I received email today from FTP support that they have closed my account "drachdudek" on FTP, due to that i have multiple user accounts on FTP. They said that i have another account "Jaffa007" under the same name! This is not true, because this account belongs to my brother which lives on other address and has another email...I emailed FTP support several times and send them all data with no reply:( :( . I am highly dissapointed with them! I dont know what can i do more...

      Why i am writting this thread is because both me and my brother are members of pokerstrategy and i would kindly ask pokerstrategy team if maybe you could help somehow on this issue and try to contact them and explain them that there are two different users as you have also all the data.

      Thank you


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