First MTT win :-) (micro)

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      I've been playing mostly $1.20 9max SnG's on Fulltilt, basically breaking even throughout 100 games. I tightened up my play after an early downswing, after that I was at about even after an upswing and decided to try my 2nd MTT, and started a $1.10 45man SnG (In my first i placed 27th of 45 which I played during my downswing).

      I played great, didn't make any bad plays and got rewarded with the win! Feels good after losing a bit of confidence with some bad beats on the single tables.

      I know not to get too confident at this level, and cant expect to win every 2nd one of these, one can only dream though :-D

      I noticed that a lot of the players were playing very loose and aggressive, is this common in 45 man MTT's on Fulltilt?
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