[Application] Today's PS Grind

    • Dominatrixz
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      I play poker about 4-5 years. First 3 years i was playing only live tournaments. I had won one tournament for prize of 3200€. I buy some things that i need and i deposit 200€ on one small internet poker site. In one year i have 1500€ on my account, i play only MTTs. Then i must cashout because i lost my job and need some money for my family. Now i have job (not very good payment) and i am back at online poker.
      So i am asking you for a staking for today's tournaments on Pokerstars.
      65% for you and 35% for me it's deal.

      :diamond: 27.5$ NL Hold'em(360 cap, 9k$ guaranteed) - 19.45 CET
      :diamond: 22$ NLHE (6-max, 500 cap, 10k$ guaranteed) - 19.45 CET
      :diamond: 10.5$ NLHE (Knockout, Heads-up Turbo) - 20.15 CET
      :diamond: 22$ NL Hold'em ( Heads-up, Turbo, 4k$ guaranteed) - 20.45 CET
      :diamond: 22$ NLHE (Big antes, 360 cap, 5k$ guaranteed) - 21.00 CET

      Send money on Pokerstars. Nickname: Dominatrixz
      You can buy all or just one, is your decision.

      Thank you!
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