Way Too Agressive?

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      Hi fellas, quite new here and to real money online poker (about 2 weeks).

      Today I found out I can have my statuses evaluated by certain sites so I went ahead. I played mainly on pokerstars, and the results got me thinking.

      The stats on about 1k hands at NL5 are
      Looseness: 34
      Showdown: 21
      Agression: 99!


      OneIsAll is more aggressive than 99% of the population at $0.02/$0.05 NL Hold'em (9 max). The right side of the curve is more aggressive, the left side is more passive.

      This is my graph, went downhill initially until I got the hang of it. Then I started progressing. The last 3 days my game started getting poorer.

      I find myself oftentimes suspecting my oponnent of bluffing and I sometimes have difficulty folding.
      My earning is -2$ at the moment.

      Can agressivity be my main leak? Or do you think it's unrelated?

      Any opinions are welcome, I'm new and I just want to explore this idea with the more experienced players here.
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