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NL 2 - 10 Tricks and traps

    • Depor07
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 28
      A bit of a waffle on micro madness.
      Im having truoble in the micros again. The play is really weird and I cant read these players online. So alot of automatic plays against good players, the autobluff to pick up the dead money ect is a risk.
      So good players will usually bet there good hands and check bad hands, then they will occasionally check strong hands to mix up the play.
      A bad player will auto check trips to trap. I being a complete donkey pay off by betting into them.
      A good player will fold a weak made hand under continual pressure, but not a weak player, he has a pair of sixes and wont let them go.
      So I have to get rid of my auto moves which are so profitable in my live play. When I do I beat the micros with ease. When I relax and play on automode, I loose stack after stack.
      Its so hard to have the discipline to not make moves which are usually profitable for me, in live play, when Im playing in the micros.
      Internet poker is hard. I cant really play poker, I just live off some basics and the information from Mike Caro's book and videos. Thats why Im playing online, so I can learn actual poker..... Its hard.
      Anyway anyone else have some tips on micro players?
      They are a weird breed, they make inexplicable moves, a good run you just collect the money. I had ten winning sessions in a row, then ten loosing sessions. Its madness. I know Im playing badly, just betting strong hands to the river, is time consuming, it requires patience. Just not being patient, I want to move up the limits now.
      But I guess I can either learn patience or give up poker, cause its the number one skill requirement for the job.
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    • milansta
      Joined: 04.03.2011 Posts: 46
      Just try to develop patience skill, cause as someone says you earn most of the money just by clicking fold often as you should. Wait for good hand, bet it aggresive, maybe you wont get paid every time as you expected, but as time goes by youll see your BR going up,and up, as you play micros, maybe slow but you have to make a goal which you are looking to achieve at the end of the month.
    • CryoGenic
      Joined: 28.09.2010 Posts: 100
      If you're playing SH then...I don't really know what to say..cuz I'm losing there...but at the FR tables...IMO you need to try very much to minimize your hard decisions and just fold when you THINK you're beat../when the board is nasty/there are a lot of players in the pot...and yeah!..even with QQ/KK..maybe even AA in some spots.

      Another thing is the red line...I seen somthing...when I was playing red line was straight down..and I lost quite a bit at sh...but in FR where I'm starting to win a line is almost reduce C-bets a lot..and play more like check/raise than standard c-bet.

      Tilt is another problem..try to see what u can do about that..if u go on tilt a lot..

      Good luck!, Cryo :D
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      Despite what you hear when you play live poker, the games are much tougher online. They are still beatable, but you have to improve your poker play, not blame the online players for not playing like the easily exploitable live players.

      In one local live LHE game with a $20 big blind, the average number of players to the flop is about 4, which means it is much looser than a typical online game with a $0.25 big blind. Many live players get bored, and play ridiculously unprofitable hands from bad positions, since that's what they see everyone else doing. Half-decent players crush the live games for win rates which are unsustainable in online games.

      However, you can play over 50 times as many hands per hour online as you can in a live game, the rake is much lower, and you don't have to drive to a casino and deal with some drunk who wants to start a fight because you cracked his 33.