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      So, lets start...

      Last year in november i was playing everything, cash, some mtt, some sng, and didn't find anything to stay on... everywhere i was like breakeven or doing very small profit (mostly DoN sngs)

      Then in late november i decided to make a funny experiment, tho without announcing it as rate of success was very low...

      So i decided to do following:

      Starting december 1st of 2010...

      Having approx $6.5 in fulltint account i try to build on it "something" for a 10k hands in 6max nl2 cash games.

      You may say... BRM (and you are right), but with 6$ there was little choise to play, and i didn't care if i loose it.

      I made some rules for myself, play atleast 200 hands each session i take, no matter what. (i had problems with putting in volume, have family and baby, job and other stuff in my life)

      So all set i started playing 2 tables of 6max, in 2-3 days i was already at 12$ wich made it possible to play 4 tables at a time.

      So day by day i play like 200-300 hands a day, few days a week and see some little grow in bankroll.

      So, one day tryed to play on Pokerstars too, as I have quite a BR for nl2 there.

      I started to play 6 tables of 6max fast nl2 cash (just for pure action, lots of hands, not much time to act and etc. (im not hyper active person, tho more tables possible (tryed 9 fast tables) tho stayed on 6 for perfect fit into my monitor)

      So my plans was corrected to play total 20k hands in both rooms just to see if it is possible to beat with my skills, or im doomed.

      Few days ago my experiment finished as i reached goal to play 20k hands, 10k for each room.

      All that time i was analyzing my game, trying to find ways to play hands better, to analize my oponents, make some reads and notes on few of them that i can call "REGS" and etc.

      I'll post graph on bottom of post.

      And now i want to say BIG thankyou for VERIZ and Pokerstrategy. Thankyou for your time and insight, for your oppinion and ruling of countless hands i posted in hand evaluating forums.

      After such amount of hands played, and looking at results i feel so more confident in my plays, no more fear of loosing session, no more chase for $0 sessions (if loosing in middle of it), and just happy to take the winnings i have at the table and wrap session up if there is no money printing guys sitting with me :)

      As for future, who knows, i can as well continue to play at nl2 while i get enough BR for shot at next level.


      GL at the tables, and sorry for lame english, im not native :)
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