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      Hello pokerstrategists, how are you ?
      Unlike the other study groups, I will not make a huge thread and I will keep this as short as possible.

      At the beginning of February I switched from Sit-n-Goes to cash nl2. I was in 2 study groups before (sngs) and I simply like the idea of having lot of players sharing experiences, expressing thoughts, giving advices to each other etc.etc.. So I was searching for a steady NL-BSS study group and I found one in the forums but unfortunately it was kinda dead and there was only one guy active in the chat so it simply didn't go anywhere, DEAD.

      Lately I got to know Sinnology a little bit more, we share poker experiences and sweating and helping each other out to beat the micros. We decided to try to organize a new study group and keep it active and as much as effective as we can.

      So here I am, recruiting All Cash-game players out there w/out any requirements but the simple ones;

      :club: Skype Account
      :club: Ability to Read&Write in English
      :club: A lot of poker motivation and the will to learn and share advices etc.etc.
      Mikogo is recommended for sweating sessions ![/B]

      If you are interested, simply contact me via Skype or leave your details in this thread;

      :spade: Limit played and your poker experience in Cash Games
      :spade: Your poker room
      :spade: Your name ( You can't keep it in secret if you like to )
      :spade: Skype details

      My skype: tfc.justrpay

      Cya in the group ;)
      Farewell !
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