Betting Draws

    • Watto77
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      If you consider yourself to have a strong draw (min 8 outs) how do you decide whether to push or to push after your opponents have given you pot/implied odds?

      Or should you always check initially?
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    • finchybg
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      Basically, betting your draw in most cases is the so called semi-bluff - you want to win the hand right away, without completing your hand, but even if you get called - you still have outs to win.

      In concrete situations this means that against one or two opponents, according to your estimation, you may try and take the pot on flop.
      Against many opponents this is a bit difficult, but if you are in position and there are checks in front of you, you may bet to build a larger pot if you think you will get some callers.

      If you are shortstacked as your post suggests, you must have raised pre-flop, which means that you have already commited like 1/3 of your stack to the pot. Thus - an 8 out draw is a strong enough hand to push(you gain some fold equity as well).