I'm on tilt after my worst day (-6 BI) of NL10 BSS and my first real session on Pokerstars. I am at the point where I need to try something drastically different, or just quit entirely.

In todays session of 2k hands I had aces 11 times. I found sets 4 times, and did not find a single big pair/AK who'd stack off to me.

I had KK 6 times, one of which I ran into Aces preflop for a stack. I only won 50BB in the other 5 times I had KK.

I flopped set under set for a stack with 44 vs 99 in a raised pot.

I flopped middle set with TT after raising preflop. Guy plays check call on the flop and check shove on the turn as a semibluff with a double gutter. Hit one of his outs on the river.

I check my BB with KT suited and get it in on the turn in a multiway pot with the 2nd nut flush vs a guy with a set. He quads the river.

On 5 occasions I raise in CO/HJ with AQ, one of the blinds calls. On an Ace high board and he plays check call on the flop, check call on the turn turn and the river goes check check and he has AK.

On 2 occasions I 3bet to ~20BB with AK after ~3x raise, call call, and all 3 players call. I miss the 6 high flop and the other players go crazy with their overpairs so I have to fold.

In the whole session I only manage to stack 1 player when I flop a set and he has an overpair. My strong hands did not coordinate with any other players hands at any time.

I have been running bad for close to 30k hands now and I know in the grand scheme of downswings, its nothing to be down 6BI in a session. I wouldnt feel so bad if i ever had anything to brag about in the positive section. I book many 5/6/7 $ winning sessions when I manage to only get sucked out on a couple of times, then book monster losing sessions when I can't win a single big pot because people keep catching cards against me. I have never had a +5BI session at NL10, and had very few at lower limits.

This has been happening for so long and it is still as annoying as it was at the start and I'm beginning to doubt whether or not its something I'll ever be okay with even though I understand that it is part of the game.

I feel like I would have to litereally be able to see the other players cards to ever be able to overcome the amount I lose in bad beats.

The old saying, "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any" springs to mind.