Reliable and comprehesive source for EUR-USD exchange rate forecast?

    • fuzzyfish
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      My Neteller account is in Euros, but 888 account is in USD. I guess it would be handy to keep an eye on the possible changes in the EUR-USD exchange rate and adapt the proportion of my bankroll held in EUR or USD accordingly.

      I've browsed several forex sites and they give contradictious information. Some say, that EUR will keep going up throughout the year and others claim it has reached it's maximum and starts to go down, as US economy recovers.

      What sites do you use and which ones are most reliable in your opinion? Also, it would be nice if they'd present this information (e.g forecast for 2011) in a simple and comprehensive form.

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    • holmeboy
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      I'm trying to get back into forex atm. Well, was never really in to it just held a demo account a made a couple of (successful) trades...

      What I did at the time was use an economic calender and wait for some big events. For example the quarterly reviews (which I think are out in two weeks) and buy/sell according to the results...

      Not sure how valid that still is and how much depth your looking for. But for someone not looking to get too much into things I think thats a fairy decent indicator and doesnt take long to check...

      I'm still a complete noob and I'm sure there's ppl here who know a lot more than I do so feel free to berate me if I'm wrong.

      My flatmate is doing a masters in forex. In fact he's the one who got me interested and give me a couple of tips while I was demo trading (all of which came in). So if you want some short term info I can ask him for advice...