Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria

    • DNAwithin
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      Hey guys, as tradition demands it, I am here to introduce myself as a new user.

      My name is Dan and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Working, studying for my state exam and playing poker, going out with my gf and friends. This is what defines my day, week, month and year of 2011. I have been playing poker on and off since the beginning of 2009. I came home from the USA this fall and started playing again but it became pretty serious in the middle of January when I quit playing World of Warcraft. Due to my previous experience and my BR I started playing on NL10 in PS. Surprisingly, despite my long brake, I built up a bankroll of $250 dollars in less than 10 days. Since I play SSS/MSS I started taking shots at NL25. I quickly hit $480+ and decided to cash out $200 as I did not wont to move up the limits that fast. After my cashout, however, I had a pretty bad downswing. I was starting to question my decision to cash out when one beautiful morning I entered a regular $2.2 tourney and finished fourth for $287, which brought me back up to $450 BR. That's when I discovered PokerStrategy and read about their great offer. I registered here and in FT where I find the game to be a lot easier than in Pokerstars.
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    • MichaelM
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      Hey DNAwithin,

      Thanks for the introduction.

      I like your success story (until the point where you hit the downswing ;) ) very much.
      After switching around a little, have you decided what strategy you wanna go for from now?

      We also have an Bulgarian Community available. My colleagues Dessi, Nadia and Stanlislav would be very happy if you say hello there too :)