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    • pokermomrussia
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      Hi all,

      So I started with 50$, won several MTT's, cashed out 600$... had ~400$ left but after having some bad luck I'm left with 168$ at the moment.

      Could anyone advise some new strategy for me? I usually prefer MTT's, but I'm quite open to try SNG's or some micro limits... Maybe you were in the same situation and something has worked out for you, lemme know please.

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    • Rufus433
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      I'm playing mainly mtt too, so i hope some of my advice will be helpful for you.

      At some point i was really in the same spot like you, i won my first big $$$ cashed out most of it, and started play at higher stakes without brm and that was supidest thing i had done. You really should stick to brm.

      I broke my br for several times after i cashed out and later re deposit it again and again.

      After all i started fresh new and tried to learn the basics again, bc i knew it's i had lost my solid good play what i was playing few months ago.

      First, you shuld read all sng articles, they are more useful than mtt articles at micro stakes. If you wannt gain confidence - play 9 ppl sng and learn the game again from basics, also try to work on your mindset it will help you.

      Befor 2 months i started fresh new with 50$ and i have built solid br back to 1k$.