Changes in tournament/sng rake

    • alenstrat
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      What has changed, only rake in don's? Or also for normal SNGs? :f_confused: Sorry I can't be bothered to login into my old account (can't even remember my username or password lol) :f_biggrin:

      If the rake has been reduced as in the article posted here, ie, the $5's now have $0.50 rake instead of the staggering $1 rake it had before, I'd really consider moving some money over there, pretty soft site to play SNGs at (the rake ruined everything before).
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    • Arron63
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      The MTT fee's have changed.
      A $2 buy-in would mean $1.60 to the prizepool and $0.40 of rake, but now $1.80 will go to the prizepool and $0.20 to the rake. 10-table sng's and 6-max still have the same rake, which is too high in my opinion, for the $6 games or less.
      A $6 double or nothing now has a $0.50 fee, which I am not sure if it has changed.
      Hopefully PartyPoker will see sense and reduce the fee's :)
    • OnexvieT
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      The 6 dollar DoN did change, its 5.50 to prize pool and .50 cent rake