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The intercect is on his way to the english forums!

    • intercect
      Joined: 01.10.2010 Posts: 1,122
      Hi guys!

      I have been haning around at (the swidish site) for quite a while now, and i figured i should check out the english part aswell, wich is really cool, with many awesome blogs and threds. That convinced me to hang around in this part of PokerStrategy a bit more, and if i would do so, it's best that i introduce myself.

      I am a MTT reg on Full Tilt, and plays the most tourneys from $26 - $109. It happens that i play cash game to, on the levels NL100, and sometimes NL200. For the most part i play texas, but it happens that i play the mixed games to, on a bit smaller stakes. The last couple of weeks i also realized that PLO is sickly fun, with soooooooo much value on the midstakes, so I will definitely play more PLO in the future.

      I started with poker when i was like 14? I think. Anyway. Started out with freerolls and at the age of 16 i was rolled for the NL400. Pretty sick, and i was very lonely at that stage of my life. My parents didnt know about the poker, but when they did find out they contacted PokerStars, and asked them to shut down my account. The bankroll i havent seen since then. Annoying.

      I obv lives in sweden, the beautiful country with beautiful girl, decent beer and ridiculous good meetballs. I live in a apartment downtown with a friend, in Stockholm. Pretty sweet. Actully i live right above my workplace, a chinese restaurant. Whats ironic about that, is that i hate chiniese food. Lol. Yup. That deserves a lol.

      Thats was pretty much it about me.

      And ye, i got a few questions about the network ongame.

      Does they got nice tourneys, at the levels $20-$100? I am a bit tired of Full Tilt, so i figured i would start look for a new site.

      Cheers! :) :heart:
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