bwin 1000 bonus

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    • MichaelM
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      Hey DONgreat,

      Is this information from the Bonus Guide any help to you?

      How to clear the $1,000 Bonus
      Important: You have to deposit and play a raked hand within 90 days of creating your account on bwin. Otherwise, your account will not be tracked to and you won't be able to collect StrategyPoints.

      When you make a first deposit you get a 100% bonus. This means that a $200 first deposit gives you a $200 bonus! The maximum bonus amount is $1000, for first deposits of $1000 or greater.

      Clearing the bonus: After making your deposit, you can begin using your bonus on bwin. The bonus will be paid in payouts of 10%. For example, if you deposited $200, you get your $200 bonus in payouts of $20.

      In general, poker players get 3.25pp for each $1 contributed rake in cash games and 5pp in tournaments.

      The way points are calculated depends on many different factors, among which the relative strength relationship between the contributing players.

      Each player’s performance over the last 90 days of active cash game play is compared with that of the others and adjustments are made by bwin. In extreme cases, a player may end up collecting multiple times the amount of points they would collect in another hand of the same size against other players.

      You have 60 days in which to clear the bonus. If you haven't cleared your bonus in that time it will expire, however, any amount that you do clear is yours to keep.

      Exactly how many points you have left to clear your bonus can be seen under »Poker» My Account.
      If not let me know and I'll try to get the info you want asap.
    • novic36
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      I'll make a little calculation for you. For 10$ SnG you get 5 Player Point.
      To clear 1000$ bonus you need 10000 PP.
      10000/5=2000 SnG to play in 60 days - about 34 a day. Good luck.
      Bonus is equivalent for 50% rakeback.
    • MichaelM
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      Thanks for doing the math here, novic36 :)