Big Fish Here... All Experienced players read

    • philiveyfan
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      I been playing poker for about a year and I have to say, I admit I'm a really really big fish and you can say I'm tilt machine. I love the game and play nearly 4 times a week. Lol and no I won't give out my usernames cause they you will fish hunt me.

      I came on here to ask some of you who have been playing for many years for some advice. I play lots of sit n goes... Double ups and I'm so not patient. I also play cash game and bluff nearly half the pots.

      You're probably like this game isn't for you. I wouldn't disagree but I do win to . Please give me advice on how not to be a tilt machine and secrets on playing sit n goes. Thanks and nooo I will not give my accounts on fulltilt pokerstars or bet365 lool.
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