Hi everybody.

First of all i want to apologize for my bad english. I`m not so good in writing.
So my name is Kozma and i`m 21. I`m from Bulgaria and i`ve got a blog in the bulgarian community forum as well. I play poker since october 2009 and since june 2010 it`s my only income. Right now i play 20$ sng`s in Everest and in bet365. I`m starting this blog so i can meet some good sng players and get some useful comments.
I`d like to post some goals for the month:
:club: be active in the english community, post hands and update my blog
:club: play only when i feel ok and i play my a game
:club: take my time to reevaluate my hands and my game
:club: finish reading the poker mindset
:club: beat the 20$`s and move up
So that`s the begining and i hope this also helps my english to improve :D
I`m gonna spend the summer on the sea playing poker and improving my self and want to get my english in a proper level. I don`t have any problems speaking, because i`ve worked as an animation guy, but now i see that i suck in writing.