Hey folks,

we have released a new version of the PokerStrategy.com Elephant - 0.99

Please visit our blog for more details about the new licensing system and more information about the new expiry date feature.

Here is the changelog:

Change Log
* ENHANCEMENT B-01636 “Added PokerStars Home Games Support”
* B-01633 “Added William Hill Support”
* B-01631 “Improve application startup import performance”
* B-01627 “Changed licensing model”
* ENHANCEMENT 1219 “Added PokerStars HomeGame Support (Cash Game)”
* BUGFIX 1338 Fixed “Crash on folder rename inside an auto import folder”
* BUGFIX 1275 Fixed “PokerStrategy.com Elephant misses system info”
* BUGFIX 1265 Fixed “PokerStrategy.com Elephant doesn’t detect PokerStars configuration if contains specific symbols (like umlauts)”
* BUGFIX 1623 Fixed “Deactivated Auto Import after restart”
* BUGFIX 1227 Fixed “A database username doesn't support an underscore in the name”
* BUGFIX 1212 Fixed “Player detail popup shows always the same stats for every player”
Please visit http://elephant.pokerstrategy.com for the download link.